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We will take special orders for small cat rocks. Send one or two photos of your cat (preferably a good close-up of the face and one that clearly shows your cat's markings on at least one side). Avoid sending photos of sleeping cats in upside down or unusual acrobatic positions that hide important details. If the tail doesn't show, please specify any colors or markings that we may need to know. We will paint a likeness (not exact portrait) of your cat on a small paperweight size stone, approximately 3-4" in length. Photos will be returned.

You may print out the following form, fill it out by hand, and mail to us with your photos and payment. Sorry, we cannot accept credit cards at the present time. Questions? Send email.

Mail this form, along with your photos and payment to:

Stony Critters
P.O. Box 703
Wells, Maine 04090

I would like to order a paperweight cat rock. Size will be approximately 3-4" in length. Enclosed is my check/money order for $20.00. Price includes shipping to U.S. only. Photos will be returned.



Tel. # or email:

Cat's eye color is:

Special Instructions:

Would you like to see photos of your cat & rock on this web site?

If so, list cat's name & any comments:

Note: If not fully satisfied with results, you may return the rock for a full refund, minus $5 shipping cost.

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