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Welcome to the world of Stony Critters. Mother/daughter rock painters Norma Bee and Dara Jordan have been painting rocks for over 7 years. We live on the Maine coast where rocks are plentiful. Searching the beaches for just the right shapes and sizes is almost as fun as painting them! Our critters include cats, dogs, foxes, rabbits, raccoons, turtles, wolves, and much more. This site was created mainly to show off some of our creations, and to share ideas with other rock painters. We're also offering custom painted pet portraits, and will be happy to provide a quote for any other special orders.

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Tiger Cat

Many people have sent photos of their cats for us to paint on rocks. Click here to see the results.


This cheetah is featured in our new Wildlife Gallery.


If you like mermaids, gnomes, and other imaginary(?) creatures, check out our Folk Rocks.

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